Release Process#

This page outlines the process for creating a new Fairlearn release. The following steps assume git remote’s origin points to fairlearn/fairlearn.

  1. Ensure the maintainers listed in scripts/ are up to date. Run python scripts/ from the repository root directory. If the generated file docs/about/maintainers.rst does not change you can proceed with the next step. Otherwise, create a PR to update the generated maintainers file on the main branch. Proceed only when the PR is merged.

  2. Check the docs/user_guide/installation_and_version_guide for a file related to the release. Make sure formatting and contents are correct and create a summary of the highlights at the top of the file. Create a PR for this and merge it before proceeding.

  3. If this is a non-patch release:

    1. Create a new branch:

      git checkout -b release/v<x.y>.X

    2. Push the branch to GitHub:

      git push -u origin release/v<x.y>.X

      You may need to temporarily add an exception to the branch protection rules by adding a new branch protection rule for release/v<x.y>.X.

  4. On the release branch, create a PR to update the version in to x.y.z (where z=0 for the first release from a branch)

  5. Merge that PR.

  6. Run the Release Wheel workflow on GitHub


Ensure that you have selected the correct release branch

  1. On the release branch, place an annotated tag:

    git tag -a v<x.y.z> -m "v<x.y.z> release"

  2. Push the tag to GitHub:

    git push origin v<x.y.z>

  3. On GitHub’s release page, draft a new release. Choose the new tag, title the release v<x.y.z>, and post the changes from the release file within docs/user_guide/installation_and_version_guide into the description, then hit “publish”.

  4. On the main branch, create a PR to:

    1. Update the version in to x.y+1.z.dev0

    2. Update the version in docs/static_landing_page/js/landing_page.js so that all the links point to the new release

    3. Update the docs/_static/versions.json file

    4. Create a new file vx.y+1.z.rst in docs/user_guide/installation_and_version_guide


Make sure to add a note to this PR: “Do not merge until the release is completed. Otherwise a new website will be published that points to the new version which doesn’t exist yet.”

  1. Merge that PR.