Developer call July 9, 2020

These are collaborative notes.



  • We now have project boards that show what tasks are currently in progress. This should indicate to contributors whether a task can be picked up by them. We’re looking for feedback on whether this is clear or not, and will adjust the process accordingly. [GitHub Projects] Additionally the GitHub Issues marked with help-wanted have been cleaned up to make sure they’re up to date.

  • We’re still doing the weekly deep dives every Thursday (other than 2nd every month) to capture the sociotechnical context of applications and hopefully produce one or more appropriate example notebooks. If you want to join just send a message to Roman on Gitter

  • Metrics proposal - Miro to follow up based on last week’s conversation with Hilde, Adrin, Roman, Richard

  • UX: goal to enable ecosystem of visualizations specific for application context, currently not as well documented as the rest of the code

  • Governance:

    • short-term: MSFT supported project

    • long-term: hand-off to neutral entity (including trademark)

    • waiting might discourage contributions, so we’ll aim at getting this done sooner rather than later. Microsoft folks will follow up with legal.

  • Outreach: So far the philosophy was to wait for project to stablize before major outreach efforts. Most of the participants felt like it’s time to do more on this (while ensuring we speak about fairness in the right way).

    • It’s important to be clear on project values before outreach. For that reason we’ll double down on efforts for the mission/roadmap PR. How we speak about fairness matters. What are cases where this is the appropriate tool, what are cases where it’s not? We need to capture that.

    • Roman signed up for scipy sprints this weekend. It’s unclear whether we’re too late.