Developer Call September 17, 2020

These are collaborative notes.



  • Datasets module: keep or remove?

    • not part of a release yet (so removing would be easy)

    • reasons for including are technical:

      • show how to use a function (create “minimal examples”)

      • benchmark algorithms, e.g., how well they optimize fairness/performance trade-off under specific quantitative definitions of fairness and performance

    • but including datasets means we should address sociotechnical aspects

    • we don’t add real functionality, just use functionality from sklearn.datasets, namely fetch_openml

      • potential value prop: we can return sensitive features in addition to X, y

    • e.g.,

    • other options (other than keep/remove):

      • don’t spend more time on it

      • remove module, but move content into examples

    • Roman to summarize this info in an issue and get Vincent’s feedback

  • Should we restructure our weekly sessions?

    • current situation:

      • developer call once a month (2nd Thursday of each month, today being an exception)

      • sociotechnical deep dive on all other Thursdays

    • changes to this schedule are possible

    • Feedback: get agenda out at least a couple of days before the call!

  • Metrics API progress

  • UI recap