Developer Call 2020-10-08

Scribbler: Richard Edgar



  • Requirements for next release
    • Still need new metrics API

    • Need to announce deprecation of FairlearnDashboard

    • Need to make sure Quickstart will actually work (short term fix: put note about running pip install against GitHub at the top)

    • Roman is writing up a userguide for ThresholdOptimizer

    To clear up confusion over the FairlearnDashboard, it has been updated with a flask backend but we have rolled back the major UI change which had been put in (after the v0.4.6 release). We plan on deprecating the FairlearnDashboard within Fairlearn, since its code has been moved to an explicitly Microsoft-owned repository (which will be open sourced Real Soon Now), since there are Azure-imposed requirements on that code. The Fairlearn community will then be free to add any desired visualisations within Fairlearn in the future.

  • Governance

    An update from Miro. Probably won’t be ready for the October NumFocus application deadline, but Microsoft will hopefully separate Fairlearn as a neutral organisation during October. This will remove the need for things like which are not particularly open source friendly.

  • Naming the metrics API

    With the basic API for the new style metrics agreed, we need to decide on names for everything. This is currently an open issue and really needs to be brought to resolution.

    We had a lengthy discussion. There was a feeling that MetricFrame would be better than GroupedMetric for the whole class, but we did not agree on alternatives for conditional_features=. At Kevin’s suggestion to focus on how users will first encounter the code, Richard will rewrite the example code introducing the new metric API to be focussed on the sociotechnical side, rather than just an API demonstration. We will also reach out to Solon Barocas.