• Added new count() metric, so that the number of data points in each group is noted when using MetricFrame.

  • Changed MetricFrame constructor API. The metric argument is now metrics and all positional arguments are now keyword arguments. The previous call format still works (until v0.10.0), but issues a deprecation warning.

  • fairlearn.postprocessing.ThresholdOptimizer now accepts predict_method as a parameter which allows users to define which estimator method should be used to get the prediction values: "predict_proba" and "decision_function" for soft values and "predict" for hard values from classifiers.

  • Removed fairlearn.widgets module including the FairlearnDashboard. Instead, the fairlearn.metrics.MetricFrame supports plotting as explained in Plotting.

  • Added return value (self) to fairlearn.reductions.ExponentiatedGradient’s fit method.